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Let’s recap real quick to fill you lovely readers in on this lectiophile’s reason for absence. ….*whispers* as if I haven’t already done this and given pretty much the same explanation.

So, since last you visited my site, probably on the last two occasions where I posted a Friday Feature….(one in November and one in April! Yikes!)

Work has not slowed down. Part of this is the culture of the company I work for, and part of this is because the processes around the accounting functions for the company and it’s newly acquired divisions. *whispers in astonished wondered* There was no “game plan” with these acquisitions, no plan of action for recording the accounting entries, and no implementation of new processes to integrate them. *wild, unsteady look in the eyes* So I’ve been dealing with that. But then throw in that we had some major personnel changes (…like top-of-the-company-ladder major changes!) and that’s what caused my September and October to be INSAINLY BUSY.

Personal life has been somewhat stable, somewhat topsy turvy. It goes in fits and starts. There’s been some things taking up a lot of my time, that I haven’t mentioned on here that are definitely years old at this point. …I wasn’t ready to discuss some of them, and I might not be yet. Still not sure if I will write about them or not, but hey, you never know. It’s more likely now than it was two years ago when they happened.
For simplicity, I’ll highlight the major contributors of my attention away from my blog here cause I know you lovely, nosey people are wondering what I could possibly be referring to. *wink wink*

  • I lead a Walk to Defeat ALS, Randy’s Mountaineers, team at the Fort Worth, TX walk in October! And before you even scroll down to ask the question in the comment; it was AMAZING! My team raised $7,695 and came in second for the highest amount raised, AND THIS WAS OUR FIRST YEAR TO EVER DO THIS! That. Is. Incredible! I am so moved and touched by all that helped us get there. It’s a beautiful thing to see so many come out to support us and help fundraise for such a worthy cause.
  • We moved. O.o
    Yes, we’ve uprooded our cozy little, orderly life and thrown it into chaos by selling our home and buying another one. I’ve been spending all of November trying to get us situiated in our new home, but it’s taking a while because I’m *yells with crazed intensity* PURGING THE NONSENSE FROM OUR LIFE, and inforcing some serious organization into our home. *whispers* I visted The Contianer Store three times in four days. *blinks three times* *even quieter whisper* You don’t want to know how much money I’ve spent there…. It will all be worth it in the end.
  • Our new house….requires more attention at the moment. We now have a pool…and the leaves…oh the leaves in the pool. “It’s that time of year where the trees remind us how beautiful it is to let go of things” …*crazed look in eyes* *dramatic pause* *cuts eyes to the side and then back* You know what I’m about to let go of?!? MY SANITY!
    I’m sure I wouldn’t be quite so bitter if I was able to enjoy the pool now, but as it is, we’re doing all the work and upkeep for what feel like nothing right now. My advise; don’t buy a house with a pool in the fall when it’s too freaking cold to enjoy the fruits of your labor in pool maintenance.
    As if that’s not bad enough though, the previous owners were….a little negligent in homeowner responsibilities, *dead, glazed over eyes* so we’ve been dealing with repairs and some minor, regular duties that they should have been doing and clearly weren’t.

Some of the other fun things going on in life:

  • I started playing a game and joined it’s community back in March that has turned into one of my favorite passtimes as well as given me some great friends. *squint* Yes, I have made some great online friends, and you should be jealous. JK, but seriously, they are amazing people. Oh, and what is the game you ask? Game of Sultans.
  • I’ve joined/cofounded another bookclub (yes, that means you could be seeing me post a new review…like in the next few hours following this post…maybe) and it’s been so great. We just read The Wicked King and The Queen of Nothing. Oh, and to make this even more full circle, the members of this bookclub are also the friends I’ve made from Game of Sultans. :SmooshPanda: (That’s for those friends who are following this blog. *wink*)
  • For the first time ever, I have participated in NaNoWriMo! …I won’t be meeting the goal of 50,000 words written by the end of November, but you know what? THAT’S OKAY! The point is, I have been participating. I have about 100 words right now *chagrin* but the most impressive part to me is that for once in my life I HAVE A SOLID PLOT AND STORY CREATED! *softer* annnnd, although he was not into it in the beginning – *raises eyebrows* like, at all – the husband has slowly come around to support it and even offer suggestions on the plot. *heart eyes* Who knows, maybe some day I’ll finish writing it. *shrug* Either way, I’m happy with having gotten this far.

Anywho, that’s all I have right now. So you see, I’ve just been busy…and not trying to leave the book blog community. *cuts eyes to side* *small voice* Please accept me back to the book blogging community. I promise…I’ll always come back. *cheesy grin*

Look for a review post soon.


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